One month has passed since the retreat and I am still feeling more alive and finally I am living in the moment. Thank you Bettina Ajan and Mark.
My shoulder pains have gone. I feel as if I have been reawakened and am aware of everything around me and have time for everyone and everything without rushing.
I am still enjoying a mainly vegan diet and practicing my daily yoga with more thoughtfulness.
The retreat was a truly great experience for me and I hope to do it again soon.
— Lots of love from Hazel
Dear Ajan, Bettina and Mark,
I want to thank you very much for the beautiful retreat. It was a real life changing experience.
I have had several good yoga teachers over more than 40 years of practice but Ajan , in 4 days, has made more of an Impression on me than any other. I will remember his teachings for the rest of my life.
Bettina’s cooking was unbelievable, so beautiful we had to photograph every dish and so tasty and satisfying. I can’t wait for her book to come out.
Mark’s contribution was a totally new experience for me and his reading and healing astounded me.
I feel like I am in a white circle of light and that nothing can harm me.
I shall carry on with the yoga practice Ajan instilled in us and use the new cooking techniques I have learnt. A wonderful, wonderful experience.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Love Hazel
Hello Mark, I’ve written the following which I’m happy for you to post to hopefully encourage others to come on your retreats, you have turned around not only my son Bens life but also my client Sarahs life who came out earlier this month...all my love, Sam

Many of you will know from my previous posts about how poorly my son Ben was last year and into this year, out of the blue my 18 yr old son suffered with severe depression, he had everything going for him, he was a happy beautiful soul who was heading towards a great life, doing A Levels ready for university, had a beautiful girlfriend, a great job, and then BANG, nothing...

Through the illness he LOST everything, dropped out of his A Levels, finished with his girlfriend, quit his job and gave up on HIMSELF...

My heart was broken, every day I’d cry for the beautiful boy that had been cruelly taken away, I couldn’t reach him anymore...

He’d stay in his room sleeping for hours, delving deeper into the darkness of depression, he’d cry for hours cuddled into me, I couldn’t do a thing to help, I could help everyone else except my own son,

AND then a miracle happened, I was due to go on a heart healing retreat in Spain this March and someone suggested Ben go instead, a light switched on in my head and I just knew he needed to go but I had NO idea how I’d get him there, he was so ill,

Somehow, god knows how, he got on that plane with me beside him, constantly reassuring him he was safe, and took himself off to retreat for the next 5 days, he was terrified and so was I, but I just knew it was where he was meant to be,

When I met him back at the airport at the end of his retreat, something had shifted, my boy was smiling again and I knew he was back,

He doesn’t understand what happened on that retreat and maybe never will, but I know spirit divinely guided him to the person who could unlock his pain and and I am forever grateful,

I tell this story as hopefully to inspire you that spirit is always there trying to guide you and also to say my son is back but not as his old self, he’s evolved more than words can say, his eyes are wide open and has a different perspective on life, he wants to travel the world enjoying a life he loves, he’s currently going through the process of entering the navy, as much as I want him close to me I know that his own life is calling him and it’s time to let go...but this time I let go with so much love and joy in my heart 💜
— Sam - UK 2017
Having just returned from the beautiful retreat in Spain I wanted to say thank you to Bettina, Mark, Ajan for a great experience.
The venue was stunning, from the moment you enter, your sense of peace and homeliness is deep.
Bettina produces the most imaginative yummy all vegan food that looks as stunning as it tastes.
Mark has a warm , funny personality with amazing talents for sure, my healing experience was unbelievable, my reading accurate and informative if you don’t know what or where to turn or have confusion and uncertainty you will get the answers your looking for with Mark.
Ajam is , well, just the most beautiful soul, I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around, his teachings in yoga are perfect, Ajam does not stop until you are sure of your new moves, to take away with you, your given all the tools to completely change your life, in every aspect, your dreams, your wellbeing, your happiness is in your hands if your open to continuing his teachings, and nuggets of true gold that I for one will be forever grateful.
I will without hesitation be returning in another location and I highly recommend.
— Karen Waldron - London 2017
Dear Bettina, Mark and Ajan,

Wow, THANK YOU to all 3 of you!

You are an amazing trio, and you made the 4 day retreat something very special. A learning and relaxing experience that is made even more special by your personalities and gestures. Thank you isn’t big enough word!

Lots of Love
— Mia 2017
What can I say 😀 a truly amazing experience and life changing lessons for me 😀 you three complement each other with your truly amazing gifts for health, happiness and wellbeing ❤️
— Jackie - 2017
This was a powerful experience for me. With the love of such beautiful people who shared the 4 day retreat I learnt so much. Now I am learning to use the experiences from Mark, Bettina, Ajan and my friends on the retreat. My biggest lesson is to learn to live life one day at a time.
Thank you from my heart.
— Sarah 2017.
In December 2016, I attended a retreat in Kura Kura in Bali, Indonesia – a glorious part of our world.
The country is absolutely stunning: calm and relaxing with only small pockets of the hustle and bustle you would expect to find in small towns or cities around the world. Otherwise, it’s very quiet and peaceful – full of colour and historic culture that captures all your senses. The people are always smiling and eager to please, with so much love in their hearts. The retreat was fabulous and although it was a little tatty around the edges, this did not spoil my stay there at all – in fact it made me feel I was living in a more rustic way which in turn only enhanced my stay all the more.
The food was absolutely delicious; cooked and lovingly prepared by our vegan chef, Bettina Campolucci Boardi. Every dish, every plate and every bowl was an art form in itself – not just in looks but in taste too. Not being a vegetarian or vegan myself, I was concerned before arriving that I would be crawling to the nearest restaurant and demanding a large steak at some point during my stay … but no! Bettina’s food has completely changed my outlook on plant-based foods and now that is all I eat; I’m hooked and will never want to go back to the way I ate before. Bettina is a great teacher and her passion for what she knows flows through her whole being. Her knowledge is breathtaking and I for one learnt so much in that short period while I was there in her company. If Bettina was not cooking, she would spend time with us chatting, advising and having fun; she was an absolute joy to be around. She always found time to answer our questions with great care and attention.
The yoga was truly amazing. Ajan is a marvellous yoga teacher: his teachings were brilliant. Every day we had morning and night yoga sessions, and each one left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. His knowledge and teachings were outstanding and I learnt so much about the practise of yoga and about myself. I loved the way he gently persuades us we can achieve anything – and he is so right.
As for the healing energy....Mark Bajerski is such a kind, gentle, fun man full of happy energy; always smiling and joking and full of life. His healing energy is straight from the heart and believe me, it is the most powerful form of healing there is. Mark is very humble and modest about his work and that makes him even more approachable. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me – I feel incredible. Mark also gave me a fabulous card reading which blew me away; the information he gave me contained so much detail that only I knew. I look forward to my future with wide open arms.
From the start of booking the retreat, right through to having to leave Kura Kura, everything was arranged and organised with much care and attention for everyone’s needs. This made my experience so exciting and fun – all the hassle of finding things to do was sorted before I arrived. There was everything from visits to temples and seeing the amazing array of rice fields, to attending a flower ceremony on the beach – and not forgetting a good shop round the local market and of course a few lazy days spent around the pool.
For those seeking a new experience, with the delights of freshly cooked vegan food, fabulous yoga workouts and great healing, I cannot recommend these three wonderful people highly enough; their passion for what they do radiates light like gold. I would like thank each and every one of them from my heart for my experience in Bali; it most certainly is one wondrous memory I will treasure for ever.
— Lisa from UK 2016 Bali Retreat
We all agree it was amazing experience, we had the opportunity to grown up in love in intensive way, it never happen since we were a child…We experienced something similar at mother and father love, unconditional love.
We found it in the food and attention to prepare it, so special.., Ajan taking care about our body and Mantra explaining in deep the meaning why every word we sing together, and Mark, so sensibility to tell us the true thing without give us the idea something wrong will happened or will happen to us .
— Bali 2016 Alessia
I am truly missing you all and the experiences that we all shared. Most of all I am missing your energy and passion for what you feel is right when it comes to healthy eating, my way of thinking is really changing I hope that is a start for me to be heathy and truly happy and content in life.

Yourself, Mark and Ajan have really showed me how life can be mindful, peaceful and just purely happy.
For that I am truly grateful.
— Bali 2016 Lisa
Thank you so much for providing such a fantastic retreat. It was structured yet relaxed at the same time. As a big meat eater I wasn’t sure how I would cope with a vegan sugar free diet. I needn’t have worried. Bettina’s culinary skills exceeded all expectations. The food was well prepared and beautifully presented and incredibly tasty. I also loved the snacks - in particular the mango mousse. I didn’t miss meat once and been converted to a plant based diet at home.
The yoga was also to an equally high standard. Ajan pushes you to make the most out your ability and with 90 minutes in the morning it was a great start to the day. His massage was also fantastic and a great way to relax. And finally, but not least Mark the spiritualist healer. A constant smile on his face. Words can’t express how moved I was in the circle ceremony and in my reading. I genuinely feel a huge cloud has been lifted and will try to follow his loving philosophy in all aspects of my life moving forward.
I can’t recommend the experience enough and know that I will return. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this life changing experience.
— Jane London 2016
Thanks you all so much for the retreat. You, Mark and Ajan were fantastic and I really enjoyed sharing your company and conversation at meals and other times as well as the very special meals, yoga, massage and healing sessions. The other guests were lovely and it was very easy to enjoy chatting but to also find plenty of space to be alone and think or read. I feel like I breathed more in the 4 days with you all than I had for the previous 4 months - there’s a lesson for me. Thanks you for the amazing food - so delicious, so pretty, so varied and providing lots of ideas for me to to continue at home to try and keep feeling so good. Thanks to Ajan for his fabulous voice, his incredible smile, his yoga instruction (always stretching me physically but also mentally making me trust my body and what it can do if I believe it) and the great massage. Thanks to Mark for his warm and funny manner and introducing me to his world of healing - I wasn’t sure what to expect but found him to be genuine and soulful with some great insights.

I would recommend your retreat to anyone prepared to have an open heart and mind and am very grateful I was lucky enough to be there.
— D. Wilson UK 2016
I had been putting off wanting to join the healing retreat , but I received my subscribed email from bettina saying there was a cancelastion, something inside me was pushing me I felt it inside , at the last min I became the eighth last person , I felt full of antisapastion inside , I was booked and there was no going back , as soon as all eight off us arrived at the beautiful house near ronda , we were greeted with the greatest hospitality and warmth , three beautiful smiling faces we were greeted with .mark , ajan and bettina gave us all every bit of their attention and energy , bettinas Culinary knowledge of nutrients and plant based food was next to none, ajan wonderful yoga and guided meditation talking with his soothing voice , and mark he gave his all his love his care his warm beautiful energy , his northern jokes that I laughed at , it was four days of feeling understood whole and cleansed , on leaving the whole group and waving goodbye to bettina ajan and mark I felt extremely emotion all the way home , but the next day I felt
Revitalised and not so heavy , thank you mark , ajan and bettina for everything you made it be .
God bless you three ❤️😇
— Annabelle UK 2016
Hey Bettina, Ajan and Mark,

It was such a special 4 days, thank you for making such a difference in our lives.

Bettina, I didn’t realise until I was home the impact your loving cooking would have on me. When I opened my fridge once home, I knew I would start making some changes ; ). I’ve been glued to the recipes section of your website since. Thanks for the list, it is a great help.

Ajan, I always knew breathing was important in Yoga but I think it’s the first time I really felt it practicing. Your teaching style motivates us to push ourselves a bit more every time. I really enjoyed the depth of your classes, and the “funny” parts too, I’ll be working on the selfie ; ).

Mark, you always help me be a better person. Thanks for the guidance.
I’ve been laughing everyday just thinking about the skipping ; ).

The three of you are a perfect combination, I cannot wait for the next retreat I will be doing with you.
— Sylvie - Spain 2016
I can truthfully and wholeheartedly attest to the personal transformation and healing that took place for me at this retreat. I have never experienced such love and warmth by a team who so genuinely cared for my wellbeing. Supremely talented Bettina Campolucci-Bordi, whose artful plant-based cooking was nothing short of spectacular, prepared meals which were a delight to the senses. Each dish was so lovingly presented and prepared, and not to mention jam-packed with nutrition and delicious flavour! Ajan, a powerful and compassionate yoga master, guided us to our personal best through each breath and asana. Sweetly smiling, he challenged me to do more than I ever thought possible - but only because he could see my potential! And then there is Mark, the witty and beautiful Healer of Hearts. Mark has a very real talent for healing and comforting your soul through his insightful readings and healing sessions. Your path will be revealed, mark my words. All in all I see the entire experience as a blessing and the push I needed to set things in motion. There is no way you can walk away from this retreat unchanged! For this I feel humbled and forever grateful.
— Mia - London
Dear Bettina, Mark and Ajan.
As a trio you offer a unique and heart healing few days where I have been able to take stock of my life and the way I operate day to day!
I have had lots of sleep, fabulous yoga, delicious food and healing and personal insight. Which have helped me come away stronger and with a clear plan. I feel very blessed and grateful for all the focus and attention all 3 of you have put into this Retreat and into each one of us. It truly is very special and a personal experience - one from which I will grow. Thank you all, Shanti - Namaste
— Sonia UK 2016
Bettina, Mark and Ajan what an amazing team you are! I am going away feeling relaxed and new. Ready to face my “normal” life with a new attitude and energy. Bettina your food has been incredible “eye opening” Will book again.
— Trudi UK 2016
Thank you so much to Bettina, Mark and Ajan for a lovely healing Retreat - my mind body and soul feel nourished.
— Laura UK 2016
Bettina and gang, I love this Retreat. I have had a wonderful few days I have been so calm. I am hoping that this will last in my crazy world. My highlight has been the food. It has been wonderful and I hope to take some inspiration home and make it all myself. Love to all xxxxx
Thank you ALL
For your
— Claudia Marbella
Thank you all for being such fantastic hosts
Beautiful food
Positive energy
Feeling of calmness
Love love love the whole experience
really hoping to attend next year
— Stalo 2016
Divine journey to oneself guided with cleansing food. Meditative yoga and healing that is life changing. New friends, new connections and belief in life again.
— Anja Finland
I learnt so much was guided gently and firm. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Marju 2016
I came on this Retreat feeling like half a person. Lost, disconnected, anxious, and overcoming sleep disorder. After only 4 days I feel totally revitalised, whole again and slightly magical. Bettina’s food was amazing and the energy from Mark and Ajan was simply incredible. So grateful for this experience. It was exactly what the doctor ordered.
— 2015 Danni
Thank you so much to the three musketeers. I came to this Retreat hopeing that my first experience at one would be life changing and it really has given me that. Everything has been in abundance, mouthwatering, delicious, healthy totally satisfying meals. Healing massages, psychic reading, relaxation. I learnt a major life lesson whilst practicing twice daily yoga with Ajan. He taught me that we should not be so reactive to external circumstances or distractions. This was something that was prevalent in my life leading up to this Retreat. I know that this will have a profound effect on my life going forward.
— 2015 Michelle
This was my first Retreat and has truly been a wonderful experience. From the moment I arrived the location had spectacular views and I felt ready to unwind. Bettina, Mark and Ajan are a dream team and very welcoming. I can’t believe this was their first time working together, they were so natural together. It has been a perfect balance with incredibly delicious healthy food. Yoga for both relaxation and strength and healing and reading. Meaning that I am leaving with a refreshed outlook on many things, ready to return home with my mind, body and soul cleared. i hope to be able to go to another Retreat with them again.
— 2015 Tia
Donkey, Donkey, Donkey, POPSYCLE! Seriously though folk - haven’t laughed so much in years! Just what I needed, laughter, healing, mediation, yoga and the best food on the planet! All served with a massive helping of LOVE! I would return in a HEARTBEAT! I hope with all my heart that I stay in touch with these beautiful people for many years to come!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
— 2015 Carey
Thank you all so much for the most amazing experience! I have enjoyed everyday!Eating Bettina’s fantastic food. From individualised Smoothies before yoga with the sunrise to banquet dinners and bed time drinks. Every mouthful to die for. Then Mark with his most contagious happy energy and healing hands who’s reading was spot on. He is always there to advise you on life ups and downs and brighten up everyday! Last but not least Ajan teaching yoga with the patience of a saint he was amazing. He gives the best massage ever and taught us how to meditate clear our minds and look at life differently. I came home feeling energised and alive. I will continue with the lessons we learnt from these three inspirational people, Thank you
— 2015 Gill
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