What happens When People Open Their Heart?

"They Get Better"

This is one of Mark Bajerski’s philosophies on life and one that he truly practices in his everyday living. Mark’s approach to how we live our lives helps us move from a place of pain, fear and confusion to start celebrating our lives and living in a more joyful, thankful and trusting way.  Mark feels deeply privileged to be able to share in the heling process of others and he is very humbled by his work – working as a channel for pure energy-healing. A natural empath and fondly referred to as the ‘Healer of Hearts’, Mark has the ability to almost instantly connect with anyone who walks into his presence. His healing abilities enable Mark to provide information to those who seek his help assisting people to clear away painful issues, understand the source of their pain and, through pure energy healing, to unblock this pain trapped as negative energy within.

Mark Bajerski, Author of ‘Diary of an Accidental Psychic’ and ‘Hold that Thought’, has a unique gift of spiritual connection that invokes a new sense of joyful, deep awakening in so many of the people he meets. Ranked Spain’s No.1 in 2012/13 by ‘America’s and World, Best Psychic & Healers who care most about you’, Mark is known internationally as a ‘Healer of Hearts’. 

Mark has many virtuous philosophies about being a pure healer and Spiritual guide. Mark lives and works from the heart, which is immediately evident to anyone who steps into his energy. His main focus is to empower each and every person who meets with him by bringing about a reconnection to his or her own inner strengths, inner gifts and inner light; Mark calls this “Core self-realisation.” This reconnection will provide the stepping-stone needed to move beyond a painful situation and to learn to live more joyfully.

You will find Mark is utterly captivating and entertaining, too. With his lovely humour, personal stories and deep insight into the purpose of life, he touches the hearts and minds of everyone who comes into contact with him. May 2015, Mark was delighted to realize one of his greatest dreams as he opened the doors to his very own teaching centre, the ‘Pure Energy Healing Academy’. Perfectly located in the beautiful and mystical mountain-village of Mijas Pueblo on the Costa del Sol, Spain, Mark’s Academy is truly one of a kind. Here Mark offers a deeply peaceful space where people attended his Pure Energy Healing Program, Crystal Master program, Tarot Master Program and Spiritual Healing circles. Through these unique and powerful spiritual programs, Mark shares his own personal discoveries and experiences that have earned him the reputation as one of the most effective and sought-after healers in the world today.


“Eating, drinking, sleeping! A little laughter! Much weeping! Is that all? Do not die here like a worm, Wake up! Attain immortal Bliss” The words of Swami Sivananda Saraswathi of Rishikesh hit the heart of the young man who was struggling to gain a healthy life who kept a secret desire to “swim against the current” and live truly as the heart leads him. It was actually his unhealthy adulthood with delicate respiration and underdeveloped and weak physical conditions that led Sri Ajan to his favorite saint Swami Sivananda. Being born to a religious family, his mind was readily prepared to experience the wonders of the spiritual swim. 

Three months of daily practice of Yoga changed Ajan’s life completely. No more bed ridden weeks of illness, no more complaints about physical incapability, no more hiding in shadows out of fear and insecurities, and more than anything the perception to life was shifted to a new positive level.

After many years of practice and dedication, as his teachers persuaded, Ajan started his formation as aYoga teacher in Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwanthari Ashram, Kerala, India. It was not until the day he sat in meditation in Swami Sivananda´s personal room in Rishikesh, in Himalaya by the side of holy river Ganga, he had the courage to teach in public. Being in the river of energy his master left behind filled his heart with strength and courage to share the experience that he had accumulated throughout the years. 

This is how he expressed his experience “It was like I was dragged into a whirlpool from the darkness and thrown out to a brighter land, where I wasn´t afraid anymore to express what I felt. It all happened in a fraction of second. ¨I would call it The Baptism” 

Magical transformation that the Science of Yoga brought to his life and his curiosity to learn lead Ajan to Ayuverda as well (Traditional Indian medical science). After a year of an intense course in Ayurveda, he worked in many parts of India as a Yoga and Ayurveda therapist before he found his home in Spain in 2005. 

Being in love with the people and culture of Spain, Ajan Yogi brought his family (wife Rubin and two children Sidharth and Grace) to Spain. Ajan now provides workshops and retreats in different parts of Spain and Europe along with holding regular classes in Madrid.

As an enthusiastic traveller, he organizes regular Yogic trips to India. His intention is to create opportunity for everyone to understand better both Yoga and it´s motherland, India.

Ajan’s style of teaching is a balance between dynamic and static Asana practices blended with Pranayama, Mantras and meditation.

Six  years ago Bettina from Bettina's Kitchen was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and endometriosis. She was told that the likelihood of her ever having children was next to none. Her options were either IVF or the contraceptive pill. She was working 12-14 hour days in Food and Beverage and had entered a vicious cycle of very unhealthy living.

Whilst over the years she had dabbled in a healthy lifestyle, she always seemed to swing back to bad habits. But her diagnosis was a turning point. For the first time she knew she had to make change and was resolute about it.

Bettina has a pretty butterfly tattoo that you see on many of my food pictures. It represents change. The butterfly is a reminder to make changes when the opportunity arises. Change and transformation are inevitable for us all – and what she has learnt is that it does not have to be traumatic.

Spurred on by her diagnosis Bettina quit her job and started researching how to turn her life around through nutrition. She began one gigantic experiment in the kitchen. It was fun, almost addictive. And slowly, just as the butterfly gently unfurls, she began to feel herself again, her better self, the self that knew what GOOD felt like.

Bettina writes for several magazines and blogs world wide including JamieOliver.com, Healthy Mama Magazine, Society and more. Here is what Conde Nast traveler has to say:

“Bettina is a magician in the kitchen. Every day she conjures an amazing array of different flavours. Vegetables take centre stage, with curry, huge salads, cocktails, raw-courgette spaghetti drenched in pesto, seed rackers, corn pasta and ingenious sweet treats that are actually good for you, including a rich, silky chocolate mousse made with avocado. It never feels a deprivation. - Conde Nast Traveller 2013

In terms of sourcing ingredients we try and think about two things sourcing them LOCALLY - to encourage and support small scale farmers and ORGANICALLY - to minimise pesticides and chemicals in surroundings and food. This is how Bettina’s family eat on a day to day basis. YES family – she has a living-breathing daughter that has just turned three. Her name is Ayla. Bettina’s daughter is a big part of her journey. She is a part of the new generation that will hopefully help us all make a shift in what we eat and how we treat our bodies.  For her to learn the importance of food, where it comes from and how to prepare it, is Bettina's biggest wish and gift. 


"What I am doing now at this moment is what I live and breathe for. I would love to share this passion, to teach you and to show you that a plant based journey can be easy, quick and most of all tasty."

So, lets begin. Start slowly. Don’t set yourself impossible goals. If you eat just three plant based meals a week you will start to feel the difference. And once you’ve tasted the beginnings of transformation you will start to unfurl and take flight. Let’s join the butterflies. Let’s become one.


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